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Atria Tile Carpet

Fibre                            : CAMIFIN PP
Contruction                 : Multi Level Scroll
Machine Gauge           : 1/12”
Pile Height                  : 4-5mm
Total Height                : 7-8mm
Pile Weight                 : 700gsm/m²
Primary Backing         : Non Woven Lutrador
Secondary Backing     : PVC + Fibre Glass
Size Per Tile                : 50 x 50 cm
Tile Per Box                : 20 Pcs (5m²)
Instaltion                     : Surface Tackifier
Antistatic Properties   : Permanently Antistatic

Tile carpets, also called box rugs or modular carpets, with better dust resistance, soundproofing and comfortable walking, tile carpets can be easily installed, maintained and replaced.

Atria Tile Carpet uses Camifin PP material with PVC backing, so the quality of the carpet is quite good and durable. Available in 4 minimalist color choices, suitable to be installed for office rooms, as well as other residences. This tile carpet also gives more freedom in design to your room. Tile carpets have a variety of colors and textures so it is easy to combine according to our creativity.


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